Nitrogen Use Efficiency, Nitrogen Fertilizers, NUE, Nitrogen and the EnvironmentNitrogen Fertilization Optimization Algorithm (NFOA)
Optical Sensor Based Algorithm  for Crop Nitrogen Fertilization 2005            

Nitrogen Fertilizer Approaches (YP0-RI vs Sufficiency)

Variability in Optimum Nitrogen Rates for Maize. Agron. J. 108:2165-2173. (doi:10.2134/agronj2016.03.0139)
Algorithm for Determining In-Season Fertilizer N rates Using Yield Prediction and the Response Index
Methodolgy for generating Algorithms (dates back to 2003)
  The Key to OSU Algorithm Development:  Recognizing the Independence of Yield Potential and N Responsiveness

  In Season Prediction of Corn Grain Yield Potential Using Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (Teal, 2006)
  Improving Nitrogen Use Efficiency in Cereal Grain Production with Optical Sensing and Variable Rate Application, Agron J. (94:815-820)
  Nitrogen Fertilization Optimization Algorithm 2003

  Nitrogen Fertilization Optimization Algorithm 2000

  2004 Outline for Generating New Crop Algorithms for N Fertilization

  2005 Nitrogen Fertilization Optimization Algorithm using PLOT CV's

2005 CV Algorithm: Manuscript

2016 Algorithm (5813)

Algorithm, OSU

Response index versus sufficiency
Indicator Crops
Nitrogen Response Index