The Ford Ranger and the Scorned
Distraught with the pain of thinking about the princely white Ford Ranger that graced the parking lot of Agricultural Hall on an hourly, daily, by-minute basis, two confused graduate students plotted against the shining white armor.
Convinced that their dastardly motives were the outward signs of good over evil, the two scorned graduate students continued in their futile mission to disgrace the princely Ford Ranger.
Oh, but were they misled?  And by who?  The shameful leader reveals himself in this unspoken image of deceit and dishonor.  Albeit that the dishonorable one was wearing a tie, do not be fooled by this apparent lamb in administrative (wolf) clothing.
Determined, the scorned ones continued in broad daylight which they believed would bring them honor and respect.  Wearing flags on their shirts and falsely impersonating one of the knights of the soil fertility round table (hat on the green scorned one), the long shadows cast doubt on their reprehensible deeds.
Close to being finished with their mission to defame the princely Ford Ranger, the scorned ones revealed their true faces, that of Meister Clemn and Meister Jason.  Their deceptive intellectual prowess was revealed, their faces marked forever on the web as guilty, guilty, guilty. 
With their written letters clearly intended to disgrace, the scorned ones and their shameful leader only revealed that truth always wins over evil, that the princely white Ford Ranger belongs in the guarded spot revered by many but occupied by so few.  The day will come when this spot will be relinquished to one so deserving, but for now, it remains a princely spot, one of honor, one of respect, one of hallowed fame.


The end.