AAPRESID Conference, August 10-13, 2004
Nitrogen Use Efficiency, Nitrogen Fertilizers, NUE, Nitrogen and the Environment
summer 2004

Increasing Cereal Nitrogen Use Efficiency Using Sensor Based Technology AAPRESID Presentation,
Argentina, Aug 2004 (Pictures On-Line of Agustin Bianchini and Jerry Hatfield listed below)

World Nitrogen Use Efficiency for Cereal Production is 33%,
Agronomy Journal 91:357

Yield level and Nitrogen response are Independent (corn and wheat)  J. Prec. Agriculture 12:508-518
Agustin Bianchini employs one of the GreenSeeker Hand Held Sensors for N fertilization in CornWheat and Corn Algorithm Development in Argentina

Dr. Jerry Hatfield (Director NSTL, Ames, IA) and Ing. M.S. Agustin Bianchini (AAPRESID, Rosario, Argentina)

Dr. Jerry Hatfield conducts a press interview with Agustin Bianchini looking on.

Dr. Jerry Hatfield at the Press Conference, Rosario, Argentina

Dr. Jerry Hatfield and Agustin Bianchini conduct a live-remote radio interview, Rosario, Argentina.

Comprehensive information on Nitrogen Use Efficiency for cereal crop production