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Green Revolution Timeline

University of Minnesota, Borlaug overview


  • Gobal demand for wheat will rise by 40 % by 2020

World Wheat, Corn and Rice


Malakoff-Science: excess N flowing down the Mississippi River each year is worth $750 Million dollars

Dr. Borlaug advances the use of Greenseeker sensors

  • Published joint article with Dr. Norman Borlaug (CSA News, 54:21-22) on the importance of generational recommitment to education in the developing world.  

Borlaug, Norman, Christopher Dowswell, Bill Raun, and Ed Runge. 2009. A generational recommitment to abolishing world hunger. CSA News, April, 54:21-22.

Dr. Borlaug Endorses Greenseeker Technology, 2007, Ciudad Obregon, MX

Greenseeker Inauguration, 2001 (October 15, 2001, Document)

Borlaug Poem, 2007 (Greenseeker Field Day, Ciudad Obregon, April 16, 2007)

Norman E. Borlaug
Norman E Borlaug1970 Nobel Peace Prize 

In recent years the 'human rights' issue has generated much interest and debate around the world.  It is a utopian issue and a noble goal to work toward.  Nevertheless, in the real world, the attainment of human rights in the fullest sense can not be achieved so long as hundreds of millions of poverty stricken people lack the basic necessities for life.  The right to dissent does not mean much to a person with an empty stomach, a shirtless back, a roofless dwelling, the frustrations and fear of unemployment and poverty, the lack of education and opportunity, and the pain, misery and loneliness of sickness without medical care.  It is my belief that all who are born into the world have the moral right to the basic ingredients for a decent, human life." 

The Life and Work of Norman Borlaug, Nobel Laureate
Dr. Norman Borlaug
Nobel Prize Internet Archive

Forgotten Benefactor of Humanity (The Atlantic Monthly, 1997).  

Forgotten Benefactor of Humanity




Movement of yield increases from the West to the Developing World

1943, Rockefeller Foundation established the precursor to CIMMYT in Mexico

1947, Independence of India and Pakistan from Great Britain
   parastatal seed and grain monopolies
   breeding and seed production problem
   rural famine

late 1950's and early 1960's, Dwarf Wheats developed in Mexico, Pitic 62
    shuttle breeding (Toluca to Ciudad Obregon)

1963, Rockefeller Foundation formally established CIMMYT, Norman Borlaug sent to Pakistan and India

1965, famine induced governments to commit to dwarf wheat

1965, Borlaug sent CIMMYT wheat to Pakistan via LA

1965-66 India Pakistan War

1966, Borlaug made private contracts for seed production

1967 harvest owing to 1966 seed production increased

1968, Pakistan was self-sufficient in wheat production

1968, seed & fertilizer made available in India

1974, India was self-sufficient in wheat production

1980's and 1990's Backlash from High-Yield Agriculture


  John Niederhauser, potato pathologist, Rockefeller Foundation.


 Need for Precision Agriculture

World Consumption of N Fertilizers (1999)


Norman E. Borlaug
Father of the Green Revolution


Dr. Norman Borlaug, Mother Teresa