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Facts Sheets/Current Reports/ Production Technology Update
Reference Strip Series:  Applying your Nitrogen Rich and Ramp Calibration Strips
The History of the GreenSeeker™ Sensor
The Evolution of Reference Strips in Oklahoma.

Field Day Handouts
Using Reference Strips

Pete-Sheets -- Small folded business cards.
1. Do's and Don'ts of N Rich Strips
2. Nutrient Needs: Wheat, Barley, and Oats
3. Using the IPAQ with a GreenSeeker Sensor
4. The Dollar Sensor ver. I, Developed by Yumiko Kanke, Brian Arnall, and Bill Raun, OSU Soil Fertility
5. Nutrient Needs:  Corn, Grain/Forage Sorghums

Extension Letters from PASS Extension Newsletter

April-09   Starter Fertilizers in Summer Crops
Mar-09     Pete's Sheets Update
Feb-09     Sensing Reference Strips
Jan-09      N Source for Top-dressing wheat
Sept-08    The NRCS Nutrient Management EQIP Program
Aug-08     Appling your N Reference Strips
July-08     Time to Decide your Nut. Management Plan
June-08    Hello

Work Sheets
P and K Cost return
Zhang and Arnall Version 1.1


Sorghum Fertility NPK, pH                      Jan 2009 North Central Sorghum Meetings
Hands on GreenSeeker Training 2008       11/13/2008 Crop Management Seminar, Cotton Inc.
Generic SBNRC and GreenSeeker 2008        9/1/2008 To be used by Extension and Industry
       (Notes are included below slides)
Evaluation of the YP for SBNRC Fert Recs in Cotton.      2008 ASA Meetings.
History of the SBNRC and GreenSeeker      8/6/08 Advanced N Conference Univ. Maryland
Application of the SBNRC and GreenSeeker  8/6/08 Advanced N Conference Univ. Maryland
Development of a SBNRC for Cotton     8/1/08  NUE conference
Nutrient Management: Ways to save money from simple to high tech.  7/30/08 Wheat Tech

Get Your Nitrogen Rich Strip Out Early, January 2005
2 lb of Nitrogen per Bushel May be Wrong.  June 2003
Developing and Using Nitrogen-Rich Strips  April 2003
Managing Nitrogen Fertilizer for Spatial Variability in Wheat Fields.  April 2003
New Nitrogen Management Strategy   July 2002
Managing Nitrogen Fertilizer Using a Nitrogen Rich Strip: Projected Profitability  July 2002
Using a Response Index to Improve Nitrogen Management in Winter Wheat  July 2001
Trimble Pocket Sensor, Greenseeker, NDVI, nitrogen