Nitrogen Use Efficiency, Nitrogen Fertilizers, NUE, Nitrogen and the EnvironmentOSU Hand Held Sensor History, 1989-present
Primary Mark
Added time line and History of Sensing at OSU
Hand Held Sensor
Sensing NDVI in bermudagrass

early spectrometers used in the field
Early sensors in agriculture sensors used at CIMMYT

Early Sensors NDVI

CIMMYT El Batan, sensors

CIMMYT, Ciudad Obregon, Hand Held

variable gain

First variable N rate applicator

CIMMYT, Norman Borlaug, GreenSeeker   VRT applicator, 2004 VRT applicator, CIMMYT
VRT Applicator, CIMMYT

Trimble Pocket Sensor, Greenseeker, NDVI, nitrogen