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GreenSeeker Basics GreenSeeker Nitrogen Management
2012 (see front page)
Farmworks, retailer of Greenseeker Use of the Greenseeker using on-the-go CV correction (Nebraska)
8/9/2012  Trimble Introduces GreenSeeker Hand held Crop Sensor
8/8/2012  GreenSeeker Hand held Crop Sensor
8/6/2012  Trimble announcement, GreenSeeker Hand held Crop Sensor
6/20/2011  GreenSeeker use in Sugarcane, Louisiana State University
6/07/2011  Use of GrenSeeker in Russia
6/3/2011 Chesapeake Bay Area, Use of GreenSeeker Sensors
5/9/2011  Greenseeker reduces N loacing in the Chesapeake Bay Area
3/11/2011 Corn and Soybean Digest, Crop Sensors
2/10/2011 Rising fertilizer costs raising interest in newer technology for Canada (Top Crop Manager)
1/27/2011 Use of GreenSeeker and WeedSeeker in New Zealand Craig Mackenzie
1/03/2011  Article from Pioneer, 2010 on Sensors for better N Management
10/10/2010 Troubled Waters: A Mississippi River Story (GreenSeeker Technology Featured)
6/22/2010 GreenSeeker use in Sinaloa Mexico. 
4/5/2010 GreenSeeker pays dividends after 1 year
3/5/2010 GreenSeeker use by Richard Heath, NSW, Australia
2/20/2010 GreenSeeker Proves Worthy for Wheat
2/18/2010 Get the Most out of N (Ag Canada)
1/14/2010 In-crop N top-up pays most on durum crops (Western Canadian)
11/30/2009  Variable Rate N for Cotton (South West Farm Press)
11/25/2009 GreenSeeker aids Precision Application of Nitrogen, Montana
10/1/2009 Cutting Corners the Smart Way, Corn & Soybean Digest
7/7/2009  Primetime for Precision, CHS Magazine, Article #4
7/2/2009  15 years, 15 innovations (GreenSeeker,#8), Precision Ag Works
6/17, 2009  Sensor Guided Sidedressing, University of Missouri
6/3/2009  GreenSeeker Technology, "The Jenner Journal"
6/10/2009   GreenSeeker hits the farm (page 8 - 11, AgAdvance, Canada)
6/9/2009 Sensors Tested to Maximize Nitrogen Use for Crops in Maryland
4/20/2009  GreenSeeker monitor and N-rich strips can improve nitrogen use efficiency in wheat (Agric. Tech)
4/20/2009  Precision technology may hold promise of prescription N applications for rice (Agric. Tech.)
04/09/2009  GreenSeeker saves Farmer $384,000 Southwest Farm Press
03/03/2009  NTech Adds Three Offerings To GreenSeeker Line
02/17/2009  Boosting Profits (Crop Life)
02/16/2009  GreenSeeker vs. Yara (Kentucky) 
01/02/2009 GreenSeeker Sensor Being used in Turf Research
11/21/2008  Long Train of Technology Continues to Advance (High Plains Journal)
11/20/2008 Results from the Indo-Gangetic Plains of South Asia
11/18/2008 Farmers Hope for Green Revolution (Tampa Bay OnLine)
11/14/2008 Crop Sensors Come of Age (The Progressive Farmer)
11/09/2008  Mexico Valley may Hold Answers to Food Crisis
11/05/2008 GreenSeeker Saves Fertilizer Costs, Improves Crop Production
10/28/2008 GreenSeeker Expands University Nitrogen Prescriptions (No-Till Farmer)
10/24/2008 Your Sixth Sense (Corn - Soybean Digest)
9/10/2008  GreenSeeker Matches Nitrogen to Crop Needs (Ethanol Producer Magazine)
9/9/2008 In Season Evaluations Help Improve N Efficiency (Southwest Farm Press)
9/9/2008 Guidelines Offered for Nitrogen Management (Southwest Farm Press)
8/7/2008 Purdue Experts leave N Detection to Optical Reflectance Sensors
7/15/2008  Sensors enable on-the-go measurement of plant vigor, By Tim Hoskins, Iowa Farmer Today
7/10/2008 Sensible Solutions, GreenSeeker Variable N Rate Results 
7/08/2008  NUE and World Hunger
6/10/2008 GreenSeeker in Russia
2/10/2008 GreenSeeker in Uzbekistan (ICARDA-CIMMYT)
1/10/2008 GreenSeeker Extension In Zimbabwe with CIMMYT
7/7/2007 Productores de Trigo Utilizan Sensores Remotos (CIMMYT)
5/1/2007, CIMMYT coverage of Dr. Norman Borlaug, and GreenSeeker Technology
4/21/2007, CIMMYT in Latin America, Use of the GreenSeeker Sensor (Page 34)
4/20/2007, GreenSeeker Technology used in Ciudad Obregon, Mexico, and Endorsed by Dr. Norman Borlaug
Winter 2006, Precision Ag and the GreenSeeker in Australia
Fall 2006, Results from On-Farm Trials in Ciudad Obregon, Mexico
Fall 2006, Use of GreenSeeker in India with CIMMYT
Spring 2006, GreenSeeker used in Australia
August, 2006, Stockman Journal, Australia
Spring 2006, Grain Zone, Australia
Fall 2005, GreenSeeker Research in Canada
Fall 2005, GreenSeeker used in Argentina
Use of GreenSeeker in Plant Breeding, Univ. of Barcelona, Spain

Nitrogen Use Efficiency, Nitrogen Fertilizers, NUE, Nitrogen and the Environment

Use of GreenSeeker Sensors in Africa

Dr. Kefyalew Desta conducts a GreenSeeker training workshop in Ethiopia, June 2008.