Comprehensive information on Nitrogen Use Efficiency for cereal crop productionMS Agriculture, on-line

Curriculum Course Choices

Prefix Number Title Hours  
SOIL 5813 Soil Plant Nutrient Cycling and Environmental Quality 3 SP even
SOIL 4463 Soil and Water Conservation  3  
SOIL 4213 Precision Agriculture 3 SP
SOIL 4893 Soil Chemistry and Environmental Quality 3 SP
SOIL  5112 Research Methods 2 SP odd
SOIL 4234 Nutrient Management 4 FA
Crop Physiology
PLNT  4353 Plant Breeding 3 SP
PLNT  4613 Forage and Grazing Land Management 3 SP
PLP/ENTO 5524 Management of Pests and Pathogens 4 SP
ENTO 5753 Insecticide Toxicology 3 SP
HORT 5233 Experimental Horticulture 3 SP
AGEC 3713 Agricultural Law 3
NREM 5030 Range Mapping in GIS 3 SP
AGCM  5103 History and Philosophy of Ag. Comm 3 SP
Ag Ed
currently offered on-line    

Advisors:  Dr. Brian Arnall and Dr. Jason Warren
On-line software:  Adobe Connect

Students must be admitted to the graduate college and can enroll in these classes on-line.


Grad College Academic Calendar

Graduate School at Oklahoma State University, Precision Agriculture
1. Application for Admission to the Graduate College (Hard Copy)
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2. Application for an Assistantship in the Department of Plant and Soil Sciences
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Graduate Student Handbook

Procedure for Enrollment, Domestic and International Students

    Summary of Procedure for Doctoral Degree

    Summary of Procedure for MS Degree

Assessment Paperwork for those finishing their degree


Nutrient Management Proficiency

1. Plant and Soil Sciences Proficiency Exam

2. Basic Level Fertilizer Rate Calculations

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