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Nitrogen Use Efficiency

Nutrient Content, %

Source N P2O5 K2O CaO MgO S Cl Form Cost/lb N
Aqua ammonia 20-25             liquid  

From Havlin, Beaton, Tisdale and Nelson (1999)

Aqua NH3
The simplest N solution is aqua NH3, which is made by forcing compressed NH3 gas into water. It has a pressure of less than 10 lb/in2. and usually is composed of 25 to 29% NH3 by weight.

Transportation and delivery costs limit aqua NH3 production to small, local fluid fertilizer plants. Aqua NH3 is used for direct soil applications or to produce other liquid fertilizers. The NH3 will volatilize quickly at temperatures above 50F; thus, aqua NH3 is usually injected into soil to depths of 2 to 4 in. At temperatures over 50F, surface applications of aqua NH3 should be immediately incorporated into the soil.