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Market Information

Ag. Co (owner of Ag. Chem)  
Daryl Patten (770-813-9200)

2500 row crop applicators per year
1000 granular applicators per year
Ag. Chem Sales (approximately $300,000,000/year)

Crop Life (formerly Farm Chemicals)  
Paul Schrimpf (440-942-2000)

Commercial Fertilizer Outlets in the USA
:  10 to 12,000
Average of 3 to 5 applicators per Outlet:
Potential # of pre and post fertilization applicators: 36,000 to 60,000

40% of Fertilizer Outlets sell liquid N (2001)
20% of Fertilizer Outlets sold liquid N in the 1970's

(Ag Retailers Association) 800-535-6272

CASE Int.  
Karen Meuwissen 320-843-3333

Fertilizer Institute: 202 962-6490



Six nations (USA, China, Brazil, Mexico, France, Argentina) produce 75% of the world's maize supply. The USA alone produces 39% of the total. Six states within the USA (Iowa, Illinois, Nebraska, Minnesota, Indiana and Ohio) account for 82% of this production. Iowa leads the group with 22% of total national production (which is 8.5% of total world production, approximately the total production of Mexico, France and Argentina put together). The current yield record is held by Illinois farmer Herman Warsaw, who in 1985 produced 23.5 t/ha (370 bu/A) on an 8 ha (20 A) field outside of Saybrook under rainfed conditions (607mm or 24 inches). He used high inputs of fertilizer and manure, reduced tillage, deep chisel plowing and the stay-green cultivar FS-854 planted at 92,500 seeds/ha (37,000 seeds/A).