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Monthly Activity

1. Review papers
2. Boundaries of Statistics
3. Take advantage of opportunity
4. Salt study
(Emergence of Corn as Affected by Source and Rate of Solution Fertilizers Applied with the Seed. J. Fert. Issues. 3:18-24.)

5. Stability analysis

6. Agronomic Data supporting Global Warming (animal industry)
   Scientific American (2009)

7. Calcium stimulation of NH4 absorption (Fenn)  Olsen - CSU
8. Inorganic N Buffering

Open to ideas, take advantage of opportunities
Hard work

Agronomia Mesoamericana
Hand Planters
Graduate student committment (become an expert)

Promotion to CIMMYT Staff, versus Tenure at OSU?

Most cited papers, Agronomy Journal (1907-present)



Agricultural Scientist Celine Popoff from Paris, France recently visited our Precision Ag Program, as part of a cooperative study program with ENSAIA (Ecole Nationale Superieur d' Agronomie d' Industries Alimentaires)  In this picture, she works with Dr. Ray Sidwell (Lahoma Experiment Station), Wade Thomason (Ph.D. Graduate Student) and Jing Wang (M.S. Graduate Student) on the collection of soil samples at an experimental site North of Lahoma