Comprehensive information on Nitrogen Use Efficiency for cereal crop production, N use Efficiency


Research Methods in Agriculture

Formulation of Hypotheses

1.  Identification of a problem

2.  Who or what would be served if the problem is solved?
      a. basic knowledge
      b. society
      c. industry

3.  Who will pay for the research?
      a. tax payer
      b. industry
      c. private donation (Foundation)

4.  Who will do the research?
      a. University
      b. Government (USDA, EPA)
      c. Industry
      d. Private Foundation

Experimental Design
1.  Consult with others
2.  Consult with others
3.  Consult with others

Formulate the hypothesis
Implement treatement strucuture to test the hypothesis
Carry out the experiment, collect the data, analyze results
Interpret and communicate the results