Nitrogen Use Efficiency, Nitrogen Fertilizers, NUE, Nitrogen and the Environment Society & Symposium Meeting Presentations
Year Title Authors
2019 The Importance of Long-Term Trials: What have We Learned? Figueiredo
2019 Dr. Sergio Abit, Value of Publishing in the Digital AGE Raun
2019 Stillwater Centennial Rotary ALL
2018  Winter Crops School 2018 OAES +
2018 Global Horticulture Conference ALL
2018 Stillwater Rotarians ALL
2018 Hand Planter Advancements, Dr. Shida Henneberry, MIAP, AGIN 5312 Raun
2018 Professional Society Membership, (HORT, Dr. Neils Maness) All
2018 Soils Faculty    Graduate Student Orientation All
2018 Kansas State University, NUE Conference All
2018 University of Nebraska Raun
2018 Uso Restringido para 'Dicamba', translated into Spanish coming from Dr. Todd Baughman Baughman/Raun
2017 Why does NDVI work? Raun
2017 Digitizing the Human Sensor, ASA Meetings, Tampa, October 23, 10:30am All
2017 Greenseeker Sensor, AGIN 5312 Raun
2017 Publishing in the Digital Age  (excel file, AJ2017) Raun
2017 NUE Conference, Baton Rouge Louisiana Raun
2017 BIO, Raun Raun
2016 Nitrogen Demand in the Central Great Plains Raun
2016 OSU Greenseeder Hand Planter (Global Horticulture) Raun
2016 Leo M Walsh Soil Fertility Distinguished Lectureship Raun
2016 Soils of Central America including Nicaragua, + OSU Hand Planter (for Ohio State University) Raun
2016 14th Annual NUE Presentation:  What have we accomplished? Raun/OSU
2016 Student Checkoff Presentation, 2016 OSU
2016 Soil 4213, Precision Agriculture OSU
2016 Group Presentation, 2016 Travel to Ciudad Obregon Weymeyer, Driver, Nambi
2016 OSU Hand Planter for the Developing World (OSU Business Building) Raun
2016 Long Term Experiments, Oklahoma State University.  March 2, 3:40 pm, Denver, Colorado OSU Faculty
2015 Soil Biology Symposium, 12/05/2015,
Dr. Carla Garzon
2015 Commencement fall 2015 Raun
2015 Adoption of a New Age Hand Planter for the Developing World  (ASA, Minnesota) Raun
2015 Review, SOIL 4234 Class Lecture Raun
2015 Relationship Between Mean Square Errors and Wheat Grain Yields in Long-Term Experiments  
2015 Nurtrient Management Update (Seminar fall) Raun
2015 Improving Food Security Through Use of the GreenSeeder Hand Planter for Upland Corn Growing Farmers in Central America and South East Asia Ringer, Taylor, Raun
2015 Present State of Sensor Based Nitrogen Rate Algorithms (2015 NUE Conference, Auburn, AL) Group
2015 Improving Food Security Through Use of the GreenSeeder Hand Planter for Upland Corn Growing Farmers in Central America and South East Asia Ringer, Raun
2015 Practical Precision Inc.  Tavistock, ON Raun
2015 Greenseeker Sensor Development (Washington DC, March 4, 2015) .ppt

(Greenseeker NDVI Sensor, 1989-2015) .doc
House Ag Committee Room
Raun, Stone, Solie
2015 Nutrient Management in Research and Teaching (Plant and Soil Sciences, Seminar, Feb 16, 2015) Raun
2015 Becoming a Nitrogen Cycle Ninja, Growmark Raun
2014 Hand Planter for Emerging Countries Raun, Taylor,
2014 Hand Planter, ASA, Long Beach, 2014 OSU- CIMMYT
2014 OSU Hand Planter, NUE conference 2014 OSU-CIMMYT
2014 RT 200 Modifications Solie
2014 African Fellows ALL-Sitton
2014 Spring TBDP Taylor/Raun
2014 NSCI 5553, Barbara Stoecker All
2014 Slides for Long Beach (ASA) Schepers
2014 Great Plains Soil Fertility Workshop Raun
2013 Drought tolerant Maize hybrids (ASA Tampa) Miller
2013 Agronomy Journal, Editorial Board Meeting Raun (AJ Board Agenda)
2013 ASA Presentation, NUE Extremes ALL
2013 Foliar N in Winter wheat, Droplet size Wyatt
2013 InfoAg 2013 Raun
2012 CCA Training, P use Raun
2012 Plant Sensing Technology (China) Stone
2012 Agronomy Journal, Editorial Board Meeting Raun (AJ written report)
(AJ Board Agenda)
2012 Effect of Seed Distribution and Population on Maize Grain Yield, Bee Chim

By Plant Prediction of Maize Yield using Stalk Diameter and Plant Height, Natasha Macnack

Improving in-season Estimation of Yield Using Soil Moisture Data to Make Nitrogen Fertilizer Recommendations in Winter Wheat, Jacob Bushong

World Phosphorus Use Efficiency in Cereal Crops, Guilherme Torres

Maize Grain Yield Response to Preplant Nitrogen Placement at Different Distances from the Row, Jeremiah Mullock

Influence of Foliar Sulfur, Chloride, and Nitrogen on Winter Wheat Grain Yield and Quality, Sulochana, Dhital

Sennsor Based Nutrient Management Community Poster
ASA-CSSA-SSSA meetings, Cincinnati, Ohio, October 22-25, 2012 
2012 Design and Development of a Stick Planter for the Developing World Koller
2012 Angular Seed Orientation Tolerances for a Precision Corn Planter Koller
2012 FERT BIO 2012, PPT presentation Raun

Sensor Based Management of Nitrogen for Cereal Crop Production (Word) September 20, 2012, Maceio, Brazil

2012 NUE Conference, Generalized Algroithm (excel file) Solie
2012 NUE Conference, Ind. YP0-RI, Sensor Development, Algorithm Development Raun
2011 Oklahoma Winter Crop School Raun
2011 Minnesota Corn Growers Association (PPT)
   Senate bill 314 (1989)
     SB 314 Board
   Senate bill 432 (2009)

      Matrix 2011
      Matrix 2010

      Progress Documents 1991-2010
2011 Nutrient Management Graduate Students, 1992-2011 All Students
2011 CIMMYT Wheat-Maize Raun
2011 PASS Seminar Raun
2011 Feb 9, NeATA Conference (Nitrogen Discussion) Raun
2011 Feb 10, NeATA Conference (Why by-plant resolutions will be necessary) Raun
2010 Optimizing Winter Wheat Grain Protein Raun
2010 Improvements in Sensor Based Recommendations Raun
2010 Application of Indirect Measures for Improved Nitrogen Fertilization Algorithms OSU Precision Ag Team
2009 Development and Extension of  an OSU Sensor-Based Technology for Nitrogen Fertilizer Management: A Case Study on Creating and Delivering a New Technology John Solie
2009 GreenSeeker Sensing Technology, New Tools for Your Consulting Toolbox Jack Gerhardt
2009 Advances in Sensor Based Technologies in Mexico and other Regions of the World Dr. Ivan Ortiz-Monasterio
2008 Technologies to Increase Nitrogen Use Efficiency Raun/Group
2008 Nutrient Management Graduate Students, 1992-2008 All Students
2008 Cereal Nitrogen Use Efficiency in Sub Saharan Africa Edmonds, et al. (2008)
2008 Generic Presentation, GreenSeeker Technology for Wheat and Corn Production Arnall
2008 NUE Statistics, Corn and
2008 TimeLine (1993-2002) VRT
2008 Extension and Analysis of the Ramp Calibration Strip Fertilization Strategy Taylor and Edmonds
2008 Gary Clark Presentation VRT
2008 By-Plant Nitrogen Management, KARA Raun and Taylor
2007 Regional Extension presentation on the use of the GreenSeeker Sensor System Woods et al.
2007 Nitrogen Management for Wheat and Corn Raun, Solie, Arnall, Holtz, Stone
2007 National Academy of Sciences
(white paper)
Solie, Raun, Stone, Ortiz-Monasterio
2007 Texas A&M Presentation Raun
2007 History Channel Video on GreenSeeker Courtesy of History Channel, duplication distribution for public exhibition is not allowed
2007 OSU Corn Algorithm Raun
2007 Ramp Calibration Strip-Monsanto Raun
2007 Phosphorus, Potassium and Micronutrients Raun
2007 Summary of Corn Results Tubana
2006 Student Presentations, ASA Meetings, Indianapolis, IN Tubana, Walsh
2006 Effect of Delayed Emergence on Corn Grain Yield Kyle Lawles
2006 Ramp Calibration Strip (RCS) Technology for Determining Mid-Season N Rates in Wheat and Corn Mack, Solie, Taylor, Raun,  and NUE Group
2006 Global Issues and the Fate of Nitrogen Raun
2006 Enhancing Sustainable No-till Cropping Systems Through the Use of Cover Crops (English) (Spanish) Godsey
2006 What did the Check Plots Yield (PPT)
excel file
Mullen, Raun, Schepers, Varvel, Bundy, Randall, Ferguson
2006 Three Alternative Nitrogen Management Strategies for Cereal Grain Production Arnall
2006 The Mystery of the Nitrogen Treasure and the Capricious Wheat Raun
2005 Generic Presentation on OSU System Approach OSU
2005 What New Equipment is Available to Improve NUE Raun and Schepers
2005 Utilización de sensores remotos para fertilización nitrogenada en maíz Melchiori et al.
2005 GPS Guidance M. Stone
2005 OARA Update Team VRT
2005 Precision Ag Update (CCA Conference) Solie
2004 Automated Calibration Stamp Technology (OARA meetings, OKC, Oklahoma, Nov 2004) Team VRT
2004 Technological Changes in Nutrient Management (made to OSU Faculty) Team VRT
2004 Use of By-Plot CV's for Refining Mid-Season Fertilizer N Rates Arnall et al.
2004 Automated Calibration Stamp Technology for Improved In-Season Nitrogen Fertilization Raun et al.
2004 By-Plant Prediction of Corn Forage and Grain Yield Using NDVI and Plant Height at Various Growth Stage Freeman et al.
2004 By Plant Prediction of Corn Grain Yield Using Optical Sensors Martin et al.
2004 Determining the Most Effective Growth Stage in Corn Production for Spectral Prediction of Grain Yield and Nitrogen Response Teal et al.
2004 GreenSeekerTM Sensor/Applicator For Variable Rate Application of Nitrogen Fertilizer Minneapolis, MN July 2004 Solie
2004 ASA Presentation Update, China 2004 Freeman, Raun, Solie, Stone, Johnson
2004 AACREA, Aumento en la eficiencia del uso de nitrógeno utilizando tecnologia de sensores, Rosario Argentina, August 2004 Raun, Solie, Stone, Freeman, Martin
2004 Solie, Stone, Raun
2003 Raun, Solie, Johnson, Mullen.
2003 Nitrogen Applications with a Remote Sensing Ground Rig – The GreenSeeker Johnson, Raun, Solie and Stone.
2003 Solie, Stone, Raun, Johnson
2003 Steinert-N-Rich Strips Team VRT
2003 NFOA 2003 Team VRT
2003 Corn Monitoring, CV Team VRT
2002 Pre-Season Nitrogen-Rich Strips and Response Index as a New Strategy for Fertilizer Management. Johnson, and Raun
On-Farm Trials Using a Field-Scale, 
One Meter Resolution Variable 
Nitrogen Rate Applicator
Raun, Freeman, Mullen,  Johnson, Stone, Solie, Teal, Hodgen, Humphreys, Mosali, Moges, and Brixey
2000 Application of in season estimated yield for increasing wheat production and nitrogen use efficiency Raun, Johnson, Stone, Thomason, Solie, Wynn, Freeman, and Westerman
2000 In-season nitrogen fertilization based on sensor estimated potential yield Lukina, Freeman,  Wynn, Thomason, Johnson, Stone,  Solie and Raun
2000 Production system techniques for increasing nitrogen use efficiency in winter wheat Thomason, Freeman, Johnson,  Mullen, Wynn, Solie, Stone and Raun
2000 Nitrogen use efficiency as influenced by crop response index Johnson, Raun and Mullen
2000 Nitrogen loss from urea fertilizer applications in hot dry soils Mullen, Johnson. Freeman, Wynn, Thomason, and Raun
2000 Heavy metal accumulation in wheat forage and grain in a continuous biosolid experiment Wynn, Basta, Thomason, Lukina, Johnson, Freeman, Westerman and Raun
2000 Late-season prediction of wheat grain yield and protein Freeman, Thomason, Lukina, Johnson, Wynn,  Solie, Stone and Raun
Conferences and Workshops
Examples and Ideas for Improving ASA Poster Presentations
  Student Presentations  
2004 By-Plant Prediction of Corn Forage Biomass and Grain Yield at Various Growth Stages using NDVI and Plant Height Freeman
2004 By-Plant Prediction of Corn Grain Yield Using Early Season Sensor Measurements Martin
2009 Maize Grain Yield Response to Nitrogen Applied at Different Distances Away from the Row Vossenkemper
2006 Effect of Delayed Emergence on Corn Grain yields Lawles
2006 Adjusting Mid-Season Nitrogen Fertilizer Using a Sensor-Based Optimization Algorithm to Increase Use Efficiency in Corn Tubana
Nitrogen Use Efficiency, Nitrogen Fertilizers, NUE, Nitrogen and the Environment