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Last update: March 15, 2017
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    Jig for planter resevoir/collar
El Salvador, April 2015
Lomas de Santiago, OSU hand planter seed sizes used in El Salvador osu hand planter tips, El Salvador
Lomas de Santiago, El Salvador
Planting Beans (Phaseolus vulgaris), relay, September, 2014
The idea was to see how the GS could work planting beans. Because our system is maize- bean and a farmer is going to love the GS, if is useful for both crops. To my surprise the GS work well and easily releases 2 beans per hit. In El Salvador they plant 2 or 3 plants per hit. Farmers around me, found the planter as a nice idea, because it could save seed when planting s, remember this seed is more expensive, nowadays cost around $1.30 per pound, and when they hire people for planting, if they are in a hurry they put until 5 seeds per hole, increasing the amount of seed to use per area.
El Salvador, bean planting El Salvador Bean Planting
Planting, El Salvador Planting El Salvador
Urea N sidedress Fertilization, May 21, 2014
OSU Hand Planter sidedress N fertilization sidedress N fertilizer application, OSU hand planter
Marcus Kassa and Jonathan Mayanja (Uganda), May 23, 2014
Marc Kassa, Uganda, OSU Hand Planter Marc Kassa Uganda, OSU Hand Planter
Two hundered OSU Hand Planters, May 1, 2014
Hand Planters Assembly OSU Hand Planter Manufacturing
Evolution of the OSU Hand Planter, Randy Taylor, January 1, 2013
 Hand Planters Developed at OSU OSU Hand Planter   OSU Hand Planter OSU Hand Planter, Natasha Macnack

Exterior springs moved to an internal design, Randy Taylor, November 1, 2012 
2nd iteration hand planter OSU Hand Planter 2nd Hand Planter, OSU 2nd iteration hand planter 2nd iteration OSU hand planter Eric, Jeremiah
Summer 2012, Exterior spring model
osu hand planter OSU Hand Planter, Zambia

    Hand Planter Movie
OSU Hand Planter 2012 (Adrian Koller)

OSU Hand Planter 1OSU Hand Planter 2osu hand planterosu hand planter OSU Hand Planter Stick Planter Oklahoma State University Stick Planter Oklahoma State University hand planter, fertilizationStick Planter Oklahoma State University
OSU Hand Planter OSU Hand Planter OSU hand planter Peter Omara OSU Hand Planter
osu hand planter OSU Hand Planter OSU hand Planter
Central America Maize, 1987, CIMMYT Regional Agronomist

Central America Maize Planting Central America, El Salvador Dominican Republic, erosion Maize Landscapes, El Salvador Central America Maize Landscape
Maize Dominican Republic El Salvador Maize no-till El Salvador Maize Planting Guatemala volcanic soils residue burning Guatemala
Miscellaneous Pictures, Uganda Hand Planting
Hand Planter OSU  Uganda, hand planting Uganda Hand Planting Maize   Uganda Hand Planting