Nitrogen Use Efficiency, Nitrogen Fertilizers,nitrogen algorithms, NUE, Nitrogen and the Environment

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World Nitrogen Use Efficiency for Cereal Production is 33%
Agronomy Journal, 91:357-363

Grain Yield Level and Nitrogen Response are Independent (maize and wheat)
Journal of Precision Agriculture, 12:508

Improving Nitrogen Use Efficiency in Cereal Grain Production with Optical Sensing and Variable Rate Application. Agronomy Journal, 94:815-820

Nitrogen use efficiency, nitrogen algorithms,improved methods of N fertilization for corn and wheat

Nitrogen Use Efficiency, Nitrogen Fertilizer, Nitrogen Management

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Nitrogen Facts
Nitrogen Use Efficiency Defined
Nitrogen Cycle
Nitrogen Fertilizers
Ammonia losses from Urea +NH3 Loss Calculator
Nitrogen Fertilization Methods
Nitrogen Deficiencies
Nitrogen Uptake in Corn and Wheat
Yield Goals, YG Prediction
Can grain protein be predicted ?
Growing Degree Days and INSEY
Growing Degree Day Calculator (GDU, Pioneer)
Nitrogen and Weather
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NUE in Corn, Wheat, and Rice
World Wheat, Corn, and Rice
Nitrate Critical Levels
Alternative Product Evaluation
VRT Application Equipment
Hand Held Sensor History
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Dr. Norman Borlaug
The Green Revolution
Experiment Stations, Plot Research

>50% NUE?
Our Approach

1. Resolution for Precision Agriculture
2. In Season Prediction, Wheat Yield
3. In-Season Prediction, Corn Yield
4. Response Index
5. Independence of Yield Potential and N Response
6. Nitrogen Fertilization Algorithm
7. Benefits of Using this Technology
8. Yield Goals
9. Sensors Developed by OSU
10. Cotton Research
11. N Fertilization Approaches
12. Farmer Experiences and
Case Studies


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Extension of the Concept
Library of Yield Prediction Equations
Undergraduate and Graduate Classes
  Marvin Stone Regents Professor
15th annual 2017 NUE Conference, Baton Rouge, LA

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FACT: 20% increase in NUE for the world is worth 

105,890,000 Mg of N fertilizer consumed each year in the world; 60% for cereal production

GreenSeeker Field Results
Do Optimum N Rates Change Each Year?

Nitrogen Rich Strips for Improved Nitrogen Fertilizer Management

NUE Tools
Sensor Based Nitrogen Rate Calculator, Topdress and Sidedress N rates for Corn and Wheat, Nitrogen management

Sensor Based Nitrogen Rate Calculator, on-line since 2002

How can the SBNRC Help You?

Corn Producers, Why do you apply more N than Needed?

Wheat Grain Protein Optimizer (option 31)

How do I get started using the GreenSeeker Technology
I'm interested in improving how I use N fertilizer, what can I do?

Nitrogen Cycle Simplified

Trimble GreenSeeker handheld sensor
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Pocket Sensor
Nitrogen Rich Strips
Don't apply more N than you need


Current Algorithms Used

Wheat N Rich Strips for Corn

Apply for Graduate School at Oklahoma State University in Precision Agriculture
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Collaborative Research with USDA-ARS
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Phosphorus Use Efficiency
Phosphorus Indicator Plants
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OSU MS and Ph.D. Graduate Students, 1991-present
Now over 100 OSU Graduate Students Have Worked with CIMMYT in Mexico, Turkey, China, Argentina, India, Russia, and Uzbekistan
  Causes of Plant to Plant Variability in Yield within Corn Production Systems By plant corn nitrogen management for improved nitrogen use efficiency International Programs in Sensor Based Nitrogen Management
GreenSeeker Sensor activities around the world
Use of sensor CV's for improving mid-season Nitrogen Rate Recommendations
Can sensor CV's assist in refining fertilizer N?

Precision Sensing Equipment Developed at Oklahoma State University
Precision Ag Equipment

 Web Sites Developed in addition to NUE
By-Plant Yield Prediction in Corn Production Systems
Predicting By-Plant Corn Yields
Hand Held GreenSeeker Sensors
Hand-Held GreenSeeker Sensors
Nitrogen Use Efficiency, Facts and Figures
NUE Facts and Figures

International Maize and Wheat Improvement Center (CIMMYT) in Mexico City

GreenSeeker Sensors

Oklahoma State University
Oklahoma State University

The Hunger Site

If these were our children, wouldn't we be doing more?

Dr. Norman Borlaug endores the GreenSeeker N Management Approach for wheat and corn production

Green Revolution

P Solubility


Nitrogen Use Efficiency, Nitrogen Fertilizers, NUE, Nitrogen and the Environment

  Oklahoma Soil Fertility Handbook, 2006
OSU Soil Fertility Handbook
Long Term Soil Science Fertilizer Experiments
OSU Long-Term Experiments
Bed Planting Production Systems for Spring Wheat and Winter Wheat
Bed Planting Wheat
How to increase nitrogen use efficiency in corn and wheat production systems, N use efficiency
How to increase nitrogen use efficiency in cereals
Web Sites Developed in addition to NUE

Regional Precision Agriculture Trial for 2005
Collaborative Research Program for Corn Production

VRT Trials, 2002-2005 and RESOLUTION 2004

Field Scale VRT Trials 2003

OFIT Trials

MEXICO 2002 Results

General NFOA Presentation

Corn Research


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Discovery Channel Producer Jenn Sunnerton Visits OSU and the Precision Ag Team

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