Nitrogen Use Efficiency for cereal crop production, N use Efficiency, NUE, nitrogen fertilizersMethods for Improving Nitrogen Use Efficiency in Crop Production Systems
How to increase nitrogen use efficiency in corn and wheat production systems
How to Increase NUE?
Sensor Based Nitrogen Rate Calculator, Topdress and Sidedress N rates for Corn and Wheat
Sensor Based Nitrogen Rate Calculator, on-line since 2002.  This is the most effective methodology available today for increasing NUE in cereal production.  Putting out N Rich Strips will benefit farmers on-average $10.00 per acre.  Getting the right mid-season flat rate is worth $5.00 more per acre in wheat and even more in corn.
Calibration Stamps for Improved Mid-Season Fertilizer N Recommendations in Corn and Wheat Production Systems
Don't put down more N than you need.  Calibration stamps provide a simple and applied method for determining mid-season fertilizer N rates
Read More about how to put out N Rich Strips and the success obtained in various parts of the world
Get Your Nitrogen Rich Strips Out Early
The earlier the better for mid-season determination of topdress N ratesDon't wait until mid-season to get your N Rich Strip out.
Nutrient Management Research Site (USDA-ARS, Lincoln, NE)

1. Rotations

2. Forage Production Systems

3. Improved Hybrid/Cultivar

4. Conservation Tillage

5. Nitrogen Source

6. In-Season Application of N

7. Irrigation

8. Precision Agriculture


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