Pictures from the KSU Conference
Location: International Grains Center
Adjacent to the Agronomy Farm, Manhattan, KS, July 30 to August 1, 2008

Workshop Coordinator: Dr. Dave Mengel

Wednesday July 30, KSU Agronomy North Farm 2200 Kimball Ave, Manhattan
5:00 PM       Meet at the farm
5:30             Field Tour:
Dave Mengel, Developing Sensor based N recommendations for corn, sorghum and wheat
Scott Sttaggenborg, Bioenergy crop research
Kraig Roozeboom, Cropping systems research
Anita Dille, KSU Learning Farm
7:00 PM  Dinner at the farm
Thursday July 31, International Grains Program Conference Center, 
1980 Kimball Ave, Manhattan, KS
8:00 AM Registration/Coffee/Conversation.  
KSU International Grains Conference Center, 2100 Kimball Avenue, Manhattan
8:30    Yuxin Miao, China Ag University, "Performance of wGreenSeeker based 
            winter wheat N management in the North China Plain"

8:50    Ivan Ortiz-Monasterio, CIMMYT, "Technology transfer of sensor based N 
            management in irrigated wheat in the Yaqui Valley of Mexico"
9:10    Brian Arnall, OSU, "Development of a mid-season cotton fertilization algorithm."
9:30    Dave Mengel, Kansas State,  Using active sensors to make N recommendations for sorghum, 

9:50    Break and view posters
10:20   Jack Gerhardt, Redball, LLC, "Making sensor based N recommendations 
            for several crops over a broad geography."
10:40   Newell Kitchen, USDA-ARS, "Refinement of the Missouri corn 
             fertilization algorithm using canopy reflectance."
11:00   Drew Tucker, KSU, "Comparison of NDVI and response index in corn 
             from GreenSeeker and Crop Circle handheld active sensors".
11:20   Discussion
12:00   Lunch and posters.  Box lunches for participants
Thursday Afternoon, July 31, 2008  at IGP
Using Sensors to make N recommendations for corn
1:15    Bill Raun, OSU, Comparison of the corn N recommendation algorithms being used today  
1:45    Peter Scharf, The University of Missouri, The design and objectives of the Missouri algorithm
2:05    Bill Raun, Design and objective of the Oklahoma algorithm
2:25    John Shanahan, University of Nebraska (Huskers #1) Design and objectives of the Nebraska algorithm 

2:45    Gyles Randall, "Why sensors may not be appropriate for MN"
3:05    Discussion (rebuttal from Rush Limbaugh)
3:35    Break
3:55    John Solie, OSU, "Theory of predicting crop response to non-limiting N"
4:15    Randy Taylor, OSU, "Equipment/Engineering limitations in precision N Management"
4:20    Jim Schepers, "What do you use for a reference strip in fields with high N loss?"
4:40    Discussion 
5:30    Adjourn
Friday, August 1, International Grains Program Conference Center
8:00 AM  Coffee and Discussion
8:30     Regional Corn Project, What we've found so far, Newell Kitchen
9:00     Where do we go from here?
Relationship between EONR and Yield
            Continued work on corn algorithms?
            Multiple projects?
            Sensor based algorithm studies with other crops?
            Other uses for sensors: plant population, plant spacing????
            Other aspects of NUE????
10:00 AM    Break
10:30       Next years meeting
            Planning committee

Lunch Boxes provided on Departure


Blocks of rooms set up at the following hotels for the Nitrogen Management Group meeting.  You will need to call the hotels directly and indicate they are part of that group.  The Clarion and Best Western gave reasonable rates, while the Holiday Inn is kind of pricey. The Clarion is the old Holiday Inn which has been renovated, the Best Western is about 2 years old.
Holiday Inn at the Campus (old Ramada across from campus)
1614 Anderson Ave,
Manhattan, KS 66502
Highest priced
Clarion Hotel  (old Holiday Inn off Fort Riley Blvd.)
530 Richards Drive Manhattan, KS 66502
Best Western of Manhattan,  (off US 24 east)
601 Poyntz
Manhattan, KS 66502
Reservations will need to be made at most by July 1 for the blocks.

There are a number of other hotels in the area also, but these are all okay. 

Poster Boards for 24, 45"x45" posters will be available



Mark Trotter, U.of New England, Australia, N sensors to estimate biomass in pastures
Baoluo Ma, Ag Canada, A comparative Study on Uniform and Variable rate N      application to corn.
Steve Phillips, IPNI, "Global Science to Local Impact…. IPNI Efforts to Improve NUE"
Peter Scharf, Univ. of Missouri, "Drift in sensor values:  How much does it affect N rate and can  it be corrected?"
Peter Scharf, Univ. of Missouri, "Calibration of sensors to predict optimal in-season N rate for     cotton"
Keith Diedrick and Robert Mullen, The OSU, "Calculating response index for corn          using the simple ratio".
Brandon England, OSU, "Stream vs. flat fan application of UAN in winter wheat".
Daniel Edmonds,  OSU, "2008 N rich strip and RAMP update"
Olga Walsh, OSU, "Effect of delayed nitrogen fertilization on grain yields"
Birehane Desta, OSU, Identification of spectral bands to detect P and N deficiencies in    winter wheat".
Yumiko Kanke, OSU, "A visual method for calibrating N need, tied to season NDVI        values."
Brian Arnall, OSU, "Development of a mid-season cotton N fertilization algorithm".
Jim Camberato, Purdue, "Using estimated soil N supply to determine optimum total N      Supply."

John Shanahan, ARS-Lincoln NB, "Comparison of Active Sensors algorithm with traditional N management approach in on farm studies? 

2008 Conference Attendees

Steve Ebelhar, University of Illinois
Cheryl Reese, SDSU
Mark Trotter, Univ. of New England, Armidale, NSW, Australia
Tieneke Trotter, Univ. of New England, Armidale, NSW, Australia
Yuxin Miao, China Agricultural University
John Sawyer, Iowa State
Dan Barker, Iowa State
Gyles Randall, U of MN
Jeff Vetsch, U of MN
Kenneth Sudduth, U of MO
Scott Drummond, U of MO
Peter Scharf, U of MO
John Solie, OSU
Randy Taylor, OSU
Brian Arnall, OSU
Olga Walsh, OSU
Daniel Edmonds, OSU
Cody Daft, OSU
Brandon England, OSU
Emily Rutto, OSU
Birehane Desta, OSU
Yumiko Kanke, OSU
Jacob Vossenkemper, OSU
Jerry May, OSU
Bill Raun, OSU
Keith Diedrick, The OSU
Jim Camberato, Purdue
Bob Nielssen, Purdue
Dave Mengel, KState
Drew Tucker, KState
Kent Martin, KState
Josh Stamper KState
Nick Ward, KState
Holly Weber, KState
Kraig Roozeboom, KState,
Scott Staggenborg, KState
Anita Dille, KState
Doriver Diaz-Ruiz, KState
D. Roberts, UNL

Bao-Luo Ma, Ag Canada
Ivan Ortiz-Monasterio, CIMMYT
Steve Phillips, IPNI, SEUS
John Shanahan, ARS, Lincoln NB
Newell Kitchen, ARS, Columbia,MO
Jim Schepers, ARS, Lincoln NB

Jack Gerhardt, Redball LLC
Russ Linhart, Redball LLC
Ted Mayfield, NTech
Kevin Royal, MaxYield Coop, Palmyra, NB
Clint Mack, Monsanto
Adalberto Mustieles, Mexico


University Coordinator: 
Dr. Dave Mengel
Professor, Soil Fertility and Nutrient Management
3703 Throckmorton
Manhattan, KS
Phone : (785) 532-2166
Fax : (785) 532-6094
E-mail :

Mengel bio) (Mengel web)

Results from 2007 Workshop

Results from 2006 Workshop

Results from 2005 Workshop
Results from 2004 Workshop

Results from 2003 Workshop

Deeper discussion of the algorithms:
Components of each algorithm
Blanket treatment versus variable application
Use of historical responses versus in-season prediction of yield potential
What do the algorithms have in common?  What are the differences
Which work best in X conditions
Mass balance versus response functions.
Use of Soil Moisture and Soil Temperature to improve Yield prediction

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Agustin Bianchini

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James S. Schepers (Host, 2004 Workshop)

Supervisory Soil Scientist, USDA-ARS
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fax: 402-472-0516

Walter C. Bausch, Ph.D.
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Thomas R. Clarke
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Paul J Pinter
U.S. Water Conservation Laboratory
Environmental and Plant Dynamics Research
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PHOENIX, AZ, 85040-8807

Newell R. Kitchen
ARS-USDA Cropping Systems and Water Quality Research Unit
University of Missouri
Columbia, MO (573) 882-1135

Kenneth A. Sudduth, Ph.D., P.E.
Agricultural Engineer
USDA Agricultural Research Service
269 Ag Engineering Bldg., U. of Missouri
Columbia, MO 65211
phone 573.882.4090
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Dennis D. Francis
Soil Scientist
241 Keim Hall, UNL
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John Shanahan
Research Agronomist, USDA-ARS
110 Keim Hall, Univ. of Nebraska
Lincoln, NE 68583-0934

Jerry L. Hatfield
National Soil Tilth Laboratory
2150 Pammel Dr.
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John Meisinger
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Kyle Freeman

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Precision Agriculture at OSU

Hailin Zhang
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Bill Raun
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Brian Arnall
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Kansas State University, Big12 Champions, and Victors of OUDave Mengel
Kansas State University
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Manhattan, KS

Drew Tucker
Kansas State University
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Manahattan, KS

Kent Martin
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North Dakota State University, Fargo, ND

Dave Franzen
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Jay Goos
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University of MinnesotaJeff Vetsch

Gyles Randall

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Comprehensive information on Nitrogen Use Efficiency for cereal crop production