Comprehensive information on Nitrogen Use Efficiency for cereal crop production, N use Efficiency


Research Methods in Agriculture

By Plant Corn Study

Basic Research in by-plant corn studies

1. Can we fertilize every 2, 3, or 4 plants and get the same yield?
         At what scale does the competition for N influence corn grain yield?
         Can yields and NUE be increased by fertilizing by-plant?
2. How many days delay in emergence results in decreased by-plant yield?
       a.  yield reduction versus x-day delay in emergence (graph)

OSU Applicator (Spyder)
Plant to Plant Variability in Corn Production (Agron. J. 97:1603-1611) (pdf)
Emergence of Corn as Affected by Source and Rate of Solution Fertilizers Applied with the Seed. J. Fert. Issues. 3:18-24. (PDF)

By Plant Prediction of Corn Grain Yield

Causes of Plant to Plant Variability  (By Plant N Management Trials)  (Foliar UAN, damage)

(Mexico, Growth Stage Where Differences are Best Detected) (Changing Equations, Yield Prediction)


1.  Nitrogen Rate Application Resolution, Can plants be fertilized every 2, 3, 4 .... and obtain the same yield


Ho: N applied to each and every plant is not necessary because root proliferation and competition, compensates for this need.

Ha: N applications to each and every plant lead to increased yield because N is used where it is applied.

Every 1 plant

Every 3 plants

Every 5 plants

2. At what scale does the competition for N influence corn grain yield?

 (use the same "rate" per area), but will have to apply more N per plant as scale increases
   a. fertilize every plant
    b. fertilize every other plant
    c. fertilize every 2 plants, 2 plants off
    d. fertilize every 3 plants, 3 plants off
    e. fertilize every 4 plants, 4 plants off