Research Methods in AgricultureRM 2013
Research Methods, 5112, 2013
ON-Line Lectures, 2013 

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2013 SAS Programs  (now saved as txt files that you can cut and paste into SAS)
NPKS Wheat


2013 CLASS Presentations

FINAL EXAM: 2013 Tuesday, April 30, 8:00 am

  Name Presentation
April 11 BAJGAIN, RAJEN Temperature Gradient Chamber - model for studying global warming effects
April 11 BARREIRO, ALEXANDRE STEFANI Crop Nutrient Management Calculator

WaterSeeker, a Variable-Rate Irrigation Using Wireless Solar Sensors (#2) (Link provided by Andres Patrignani)

April 16 BUSHONG, JACOB TRAVIS Developing a N Soil Test for Rice in Southeast Asia
April 16 DHITAL, SULOCHANA Natural Resources Approach for Sustainable Crop Production for Small Farmers
April 16 FOSTER, ANSERD J Agricultural Management Network
#2 Revised
April 18 LOLLATO, ROMULO PISA Increasing Food Production on Saline Soils
April 18 MEEKS, KEVIN B Overcoming the Global Issue of Salinity
April 18 MILLER, ERIC C Removing Nitrate from Subsurface Drainage Water Using Constructed Welands
April 18 OMARA, PETER Third World Hand Planter

Field Forage Estimator (#2 Revised)

April 23 PATRIGNANI, ANDRES Soil Moisture Cloud
April 23 SHEPHERD, LANCE M Irrigation Reclamation
April 23 WILSON, TRACY Crop Database (ideal cover crops)
#2 Revised
April 25 YIMAM, YOHANNES TADESSE Using Available Water Resources to Fight Drought and Poverty in Ethiopia
April 25 Ethan Wyatt
Developing a Sensor Based Algorithm for Economic Thresholds of 
Leaf Rust (Puccinia triticina L.) on Hard Red Winter Wheat 
(Triticum aestivum L.)
April 25 EDMONDS, DANIEL ETHAN Greenseeker Satellite Calculator

Nitrogen Use Efficiency, Nitrogen Fertilizers, NUE, Nitrogen and the Environment