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Last update: November 16, 2020
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Robert Lemings Design/Rustic Version March 2020

Robert Lemings

April 27, 2015. Methodology tested to eliminate misses (cable attached to the rotating drum, and beads surrounding the cable).  Cable was attached to the very top of the seed resevoir (on the inside), using a spring (spring loading for cable movement up and down).
Use of internal cable and beads for seed agitation
New Design, March 13, 2015 (version sent to Panama, Roman Gordon, and Tennessee, Rebecca Harman)
OSU Hand Planter Planter modifications since 2005

  Hand Planter Internal Drums 
Fertilizer Drum
Fertilizer Drum
July 2014, Hand Planter Weight (by components)
Greenseeder Hand Planter
  New Model Old Model
  weight, g
Outer Housing 246 514
Inner Housing 190 223
Spring 48
Drum and Lever Assembly 43
Lever Retainer Washer and Clip 3
Tip 347
Tip Retainer Clip 33
VOLUME of SEED (3 piece handle) 1.5 kg
Seed Resevoir PVC + collar 1267
TOTAL 2176 2477

New Model Hand Planter  Hand Planter Components
New Model Hand Planter with 1/8" housing
March 2014, Hand Planter Weight (by components)

 Tube: 571.71 g
 Middle part: 742.99 g
 Tip : 542.97 g
 Spring : 101.65 g

Total weight: 1959.32 g or 4.31 lbs.

March 2013  Indigenous Hand Planter Weight

(El Salvador survey)

Average weight (wood shaft, + tip) of 2.74 pounds. 

OSU design (January 1, 2013) weighs 1.94 kg or 4.27 pounds. 

Seed weight (depending on the shaft volume) is 1.5 kg. 

TOTAL planter weight is over 6.4 pounds.

Jan 1, 2013 design
Knife (tip) 544
Shaft 571
Mechanical, 750
Spring, 79

Total = 1944 g + 1000g seed = 2.944 kg = 6.48 lbs

2014 OSU Hand Planters April 29, 2014
 New Tip design, Thailand  New Tip Stop
New tip design from Thailand, Joshua Ringer
New tip design, Tanzania, Tom Herlehy
 Thailand Hand Planter Hand Planter Update, Thailand, Joshua Ringer
 Randy Taylor, Nyle Wollenhaupt Randy Taylor, Nyle Wollenhaupt inspect new design
Hand Planter Assembly, May 21, 2013 (Sulochana Dhital and Rajen Bajgain)
 (See it on YouTube)
Current Hand Planter Manufacturing  Current Manufacturing OSU Hand Planter  OSU Hand Planter  OSU Hand Planter
OSU Hand Planters/ Design, 2007 - present
Background On Farm Data

From Dr. Edgar Ascencio, CARE, El Salvador

6 Hand Planters, El Salvador
Hand Planter Iron tip, lbs Wood stick, lbs Total, lbs
1 0.75 1.5 2.25
2 0.35 2.5 2.85
3 1 2 3
4 0.9 2.25 3.15
5 0.5 1.5 2
6 1.2 2 3.2
Average 0.78 1.96 2.74
Std Dev 0.32 0.40 0.50

OSU Hand Planter December 4, 2012, Candibyani (Indonesia), Peter Omara (Uganda), Mariana (Brazil)

Weight of empty planter

1.79kg (3.9 lb)

Planter Weight with seeds

medium flat (P0876HR)


Medium round (P0231HR)


Number of seeds/shaft volume

5650 seeds

  stick planter, power source
Hand planter prototype tip hand planter, tip
Third world planter Hand Planter, OSU

Hand Planter 1 Hand Planter 2 Hand Planter 3

Thrid World Planters (various)
Drexel rice planter
Chinese Planter (Liseeder) Chinese Hand Planter
Hand Planter, El Salvador Hand Planter, maize corn planter, Zimbabwe, Africa corn, Zimbabwe Africa
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Bed Planter 2 wheel tractor
Hand Planters used in Uganda
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Hillside Planting (Honduras)

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