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CIMMYT Visit, March 2016
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CIMMYT Informa, Oklahoma State University

Doctoral student, Eric Miller (red shirt) discusses issues associated with irrigation efficiency during a visit with
Dr. Ivan Ortiz-Monasterio (senior agronomist with CIMMYT).  Other OSU students pictured are Natasha Macnack
Candi Byani, Eric Lam, and Jake Bushong.

OSU and USDA-ARS Collaboration in India, Rice-Wheat Consortium
Dr. Kyle Freeman collaborates with scientists from the Chinese National Academy of Sciences, in Shijiazhuang, China
Date Location Personnel Purpose
Jan 95 Ciudad Obregon, Mexico Team VRT Initial discussions
Feb-97 Ciudad Obregon, Mexico Team VRT Initiate collaborative work
Jan-99 Ciudad Obregon and Texcoco, Mexico Steve Phillips, Joanne LaRuffa, Wade Thomason, Sherry Britton, Joe Vadder, Gordon Johnson, John Solie, Dick Whitney IRSP 98, 2-wheel tractor, refine INSEY, wheat bed planter
Sep-99 Texcoco, Mexico Erna Lukina IRSP 98, use of EY, 
Aug-00 Texcoco, Mexico Marvin Stone, Kyle Freeman, Robert Mullen, Roger Teal, Dwayne Needham, Kathy Wynn, Carly Washmon IRSP 99, refine INSEY, sensor design for plant breeding
Jan-Mar 2001 Ciudad Obregon, Mexico Kyle Freeman NRI grant 200-03530
Apr-01 Ciudad Obregon, Mexico Kyle Freeman Wheat Harvest
Jul-01 El Batan, Mexico Jagadeesh Mosali, Shambel Moges, Micah Humphreys, Paul Hodgen, Carly Washmon IFAFS Grant 
Apr-02 Ciudad Obregon, Mexico Paul Hodgen  IFAFS Grant 
June-02 El Batan, Tlatizapan, Mexico Robert Mullen, Kyle Freeman Deliver hand-held sensor, initiate corn sensing program
August-02 Texcoco, Mexico Team VRT Work for 6-months on the development of a corn algorithm for N
November 2002 El Batan, Mexico Keri Brixey, Jason Lawles, Kyle Freeman Corn harvest, sensed earlier in June by Kyle Freeman and Robert Mullen
January 2004 Ciudad Obregon, Mexico Kyle Freeman, Brian Arnall, and Kody Featherston Collect by-plot CV data for improved prediction of yield potential
June 2004 Saskatchewan, Canada Dennis McIntosh
July 2004 New Delhi, India Kent Martin Travel with USDA group to work on training Indian scientists in the use of the GreenSeeker Handheld sensor
July 2004 Beijing, China Kyle Freeman Work with the Chinese National Academy of Sciences on the Use and Application of Sensor Based N fertilization
July 2005 New Delhi, India Kent Martin, Brian Arnall Workshop for CIMMYT and National Program scientists
September 2005 Beijing, China Brian Arnall, Carol Jones
July 2005 Esperance, Australia Kyle Freeman Work with David and Sally Cox on the extension of Sensor Based N Rate Technologies for Wheat in South West Australia
September 2005 El Batan, Mexico,

Workshop 2005
Olga Walsh, Brenda Tubana, Starr Holtz, Chung Byungkyun, Clint Mack, Kyle Lawles Sensor Based N Workshop for CIMMYT and National Program Scientists
October 2005 Ankara, Turkey Kyle Freeman, Roger Teal Sensor Based N Workshop for CIMMYT and National Program Scientists
September 2005 Beijing, China Brian Arnall, Carol Jones, Hailin Zhang Sensor Based N Workshop for CIMMYT and National Program Scientists
November 2005 Mar de Plata, Argentina Kyle Freeman Invited Presentation, 7th International Wheat Conference
January 2006 Ciudad Obregon, Mexico Brian Arnall, Joe Biggerstaff Workshop with PATRONATO Farmers and Ivan Ortiz-Monasterio
March 2006 Ciudad Obregon, Mexico Kefyalew Girma Yield Potential Symposium
July 2006 New Delhi, India Kent Martin Follow up work with CIMMYT and NARS on Greenseeker Technology
August 2006 Beijing, China Brian Arnall, Starr Holtz Sensor Based Nitrogen Workshop using Greenseeker Technology
September 2006 Tashkent, Uzbekistan Brian Arnall, Starr Holtz Training of National Program staff in the use of GreenSeeker Sensors
August 2006 Adelaide and Stockport, South Australia Brenda Tubana Sensor Based Nitrogen Workshop using Greenseeker Technology
January 2007 Ciudad Obregon, Mexico Brenda Tubana, Starr Holtz, Pam Turner, Clint Dotson, Luke Hanks SBNRC workshop with Ivan-Ortiz Monasterio, CIMMYT and the Patronato
April 2007 Ciudad Obregon, Mexico
Ciudad Obregon,Mexico
John Solie, Bill Raun
Brian Arnall
Dr. Norman Borlaug endorses GreenSeeker N management for Mexico
January 2008 Harare, Zimbabwe Cody Daft, Daniel Edmonds Harare, Zimbabwe, Joint GreenSeeker Workshop with CIMMYT
February 2008 Taskent, Uzbekistan Daniel Edmonds Workshop with CIMMYT and ICARDA on the use of GreenSeeker Sensors
February 2008 Ciudad Obregon, Mexico Randy Taylor, Brian Arnall Retrofitting On-the-go sprayer with an RT200 system for Spring Wheat
March 2008 Samara, Russia Daniel Edmonds Workshop to train private sector employees with EuroTeckna
January 2009 Ciudad Obregon, Mexico Daniel Edmonds, Yumiko Kanke, Jared Crain, Guilherme, Torres Evaluation of improved methods of detecting N deficiencies in corn.
February 2009 Nairobi, Kenya Yumiko Kanke, Jake Vossenkemper, Jerry May GreenSeeker training workshop with CIMMYT and the national programs,
plus work with Dominion Farms in southern Kenya
January 2010 Ciudad Obregon, Mexico Guilherme Torres, Jonathan Kelly Work with Dr. Ortiz-Monasterio on spectral readings for detecting P
January 2011 Ciudad Obregon,Mexico Jeremiah Mullock, Bee Khim, Kevin Waldschmidt, Dillon Butchee, Katy Butchee  
January 2012 Ciudad Obregon, Mexico Jared Crain, Michael Reinert, Jacob Bushong, Jorge Rascon, Wesley Porter Engineering testing of GS2 versus GS1 sensors, stalk diameter
January 2013 Ciudad Obregon, Mexico Jeremiah Mullock, Jacob Bushong, Eric Miller, Sulochana Dhital, Natasha Macnack, Eric Lam, Candi Byani, Ethan Wyatt, Brandon Burgess Hand held Greenseeker delivered, Hand Planter Testing and GS2 versus GS1.
March, 2016 Ciudad Obregon, Mexico Katie McCauley, Jagmandeep Dhillon, Eva Nambi, Daniel Aliddeki, Ethan Driver, Bruno Figueiredo,
Gwen Wehmeyer, Andi Nichols 
Hand Held Greenseeker evaluation, Yield, CV, and NDVI, interacation concept and testing of the yield potential theory that embeds CV and the independence of CV with YPN

Group Presentation, 2016 Travel to Ciudad Obregon
March 2018 Ciudad Obregon, Mexico Elizabeth Eickhoff, Alimamy Fornah, Peter Omara, Robert Lemings, Tyler Lynch, Everett Hrbacek PPT file, Trip Experience, Picture LOG Assembled by Everett Hrbacek
Total  41 117

Dr. Kyle Freeman (center) appears with Fernando Garcia (PPI) and Terry Roberts, President of PPI, at the 7th International Wheat Conference, Mar de Plata, Argentina
Micah Humphreys, Shambel Moges, Paul Hodgen, Jagadeesh Mosali, and Carly Washmon pose for a shot in front of the headquarter offices near Texcoco, MX.
Paul Hodgen, Micah Humphreys, Maarten van Ginkel, Ken Sayre, Shambel Moges, and Jagadeesh Mosali traveled to Toluca to obtain added sensor readings
Ken Sayre, and Maarten van Ginkel
Shambel Moges, Jagadeesh Mosali, and Carly Washmon
Dr. Paul Hodgen

El Batan
  Graduated Students (1992-2015) Where are they Now? Country/State
1 Ascencio, Edgar Noel. 1992. M.S. CARE, San Salvador, El Salvador El Salvador
2 Attefat, Mehdi. 1992. M.S. Iraq, Iraq
3 Sembiring, Hasil. 1993. M.S. Indonesia, National Program Indonesia
4 Jojola, Michael E. 1994. M.S. New Mexico
5 Morales, Sonia. 1994.  M.S. El Salvador
6 Kanampiu, Fred Kaburu. 1995. Ph.D. CIMMYT, Kenya Kenya
7 Ascencio, Edgar Noel. 1995. Ph.D. CARE, San Salvador, El Salvador El Salvador
8 Gavi-Reyes, Francisco. 1995. Ph.D. Univ. Post Graduados, Chapingo Mexico
9 Ball, Jeff B. 1995. M.S. Bayer Crop Science Oklahoma
10 Phillips, Steven B. 1995. M.S. Staff, IPNI Oklahoma
11 Taylor, S.L. 1996. M.S. USDA-ARS Oklahoma
12 Chen, J. 1997, M.S. Ford Motor Co. China
13 Keahey, D.A., 1997, M.S. Private Enterprise Oklahoma
14 Lees, H.L., 1997, M.S. Ohio
15 Sembiring, H. 1997, Ph.D. Indonesia, National Program Indonesia
16 Thomason, W.E. 1998, M.S. Faculty, Virginia Tech Oklahoma
17 Lukina, E.V. 1998, M.S. Lab Assistant Uzbekistan
18 LaRuffa, Joanne M. 1999, M.S.   Virginia
19 Phillips, S.B. 1999, Ph.D.  Staff, IPNI Oklahoma
20 DeLeon, Micah, 1999, M.S. Graduate Student Argentina
21 Dennis, Jeremy, 1999, M.S.  NRCS Oklahoma
22 Woolfolk, Curt, 1999, M.S. Mosaic, MN Oklahoma
23 Cossey, Doug, 1999, M.S. Servi-Tech, Dodge City, KS Oklahoma
24 Mullen, R.W. 2001, M.S. Head, Agronomy, Potash Corp. Oklahoma
25 Wynn, K. 2001, M.S. SCS Oklahoma
26 Thomason, W.E. 2001, Ph.D. Faculty, Virginia Tech Oklahoma
27 Lukina.E.V. 2001, Ph.D. Lab Assistant Uzbekistan
28 Freeman, Kyle W. 2001, M.S. VP, Mosaic, MN Oklahoma
29 Teal, Roger, 2002, M.S. Laverne, OK Tennessee
30 Moges, Shambel, 2002, M.S. Accurate Environmental Labs Ethiopia
31 Mullen, Robert, 2002, Ph.D. Potash Corp.  Oklahoma
32 Micah Humphreys, 2003, M.S.  Faculty, Northwest College, Wyoming Oklahoma
33 Paul Hodgen, 2003, M.S.  Monsanto, Illinois Indiana
34 Jason Lawles, 2004, M.S.  Monsanto, OK Oklahoma
35 Jagadeesh Mosali, 2004, Ph.D.   Noble Foundation, Ardmore, OK India 
36 Keri, Brixey, 2004, M.S.  NRCS Kansas Oklahoma
37 Brian Arnall, 2004, M.S. Faculty, Oklahoma State University Oklahoma
38 Kefyalew Desta, 2004, Ph.D.  Faculty, Washington State Ethiopia
39 Roger Teal, 2005, Ph.D. Laverne, OK Tennessee
40 Kent Martin, 2005, M.S. Private/Kansas State University Oklahoma
41 Kyle Freeman, 2005, Ph.D. Mosaic, MN Oklahoma
42 Shambel Moges, 2005, Ph.D Accurate Labs Ethiopia
43 Clint Mack, 2006, M.S. Farmer/Consultant, OK Oklahoma
44 Kyle Lawles, 2006, M.S. Monsanto, Iowa Oklahoma
45 Olga Walsh, 2006, M.S. Faculty, Univ. of Idaho Russia, Lenningrad
46 Brenda Tubana, 2007, Ph.D. Faculty, Louisiana State University Phlippines
47 Byungkyun, Chung, 2007, Ph.D. Faculty, McNeese State University S. Korea
48 Clint Dotson, 2007, M.S. Monsanto, Kansas Oklahoma
49 Starr Holtz, 2007, M.S. Monsanto, Nebraska  Oklahoma
50 Brian Arnall, 2008, Ph.D. Faculty, Oklahoma State University Oklahoma
51 Pam Turner, 2008, M.S. Dept. Environmental Quality Oklahoma
52 Brandon England, 2008, M.S. OSDA Oklahoma
53 Cody Daft, 2008, M.S. Pioneer, Nebraska Oklahoma
54 Daniel Edmonds, 2008, M.S. Private Oklahoma
55 Birehane Desta, 2009, M.S. Univ. Minnesota Ethiopia
56 Olga Walsh, 2009, Ph.D. Faculty, Univ. of Idaho Russia, Lenningrad
57 Yumiko Kanke, 2009, M.S. Louisiana State University Japan
58 Jake Vossenkemper, 2009, M.S. Pioneer, Missouri Missouri
59 Guilherme Torres, 2010, M.S. Monsanto, Brazil Brazil
60 Jonathan Kelly, 2011, M.S.  Private, Kansas Oklahoma
61 Kevin Waldschmidt, 2011, M.S. Private Enterprise Kansas
62 Emily Rutto, PhD, 2011 Post Doc Kenya
63 Natasha Macnack, M.S., Ph.D 2014 Asst. Professor, Wisconsin Suriname
64 Yesuf Mohammed, PhD., 2012 Post Doc Montana
65 Jeremiah Mullock, M.S., 2012 Bayer Crop Science North Carolina
66 Bee Chim, M.S., 2012 PhD, Virginia Tech Malaysia
67 Jared Crain, M.S. 2012 PhD, Kansas State Oklahoma
68 Sulochana Dhital, M.S., 2014 PhD Student Nepal
69 Jake Bushong, PhD., 2014 Private Enterprise Oklahoma
70 Ethan Wyatt, M.S., 2013 Monsanto Oklahoma
71 Eric Miller, PhD., 2014 Pioneer, Indiana Indiana
72 Peter Omara, M.S., 2013 Uganda Uganda
73 Candi Candibyani, Lab Assistant Malaysia
74 Lawrence Aula, M.S., 2014 Uganda Uganda
75 Jeremiah Mullock, PhD, 2015 Bayer Crop Science North Carolina
75 Bruno Figueiredo, M.S., 2016 PhD Student Brazil
76 Sulochana Dhital PhD Student Nepal
77 Jagmandeep Dhillon MS Student India
78 Mariana Ramos del Corso MS Student Brazil
79 Ryan Schlobohm MS Student Oklahoma
80 Tyler Lynch Undergraduate/Sen. Agric. Oklahoma
81 Daniel Aliddeki MS Student Uganda
82 Melissa Golden MS Student Oklahoma
83 Nicole Remondet MS Student Oklahoma
84 Ethan Driver MS Student California
85 Gwen Weymeyer MS Student Missouri
86 Eva Nambi MS Student Uganda
OSU student visit to CIMMYT 2002
OSU student visit to CIMMYT 2001
OSU Student visit to CIMMYT 2000
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