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Precision Sensing Solutions for Improved NUE in Corn and Wheat Production Systems
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NUE Workshops (2002-2020)

Nitrogen Conference 2020 (August 3-5, Lincoln, NE)

Nitrogen Conference 2019 (August 5-7, Columbia, MO)

1. Estimating the Return to Variable-Rate N (Emerson D. Nafziger)

Nitrogen Conference 2018 (July 30 to August 1, Manhattan, Kansas)

Nitrogen Conference 2017 (August 7-9, Baton Rouge, Louisiana)

Nitrogen Conference 2016 (August, Univ. Idaho, includes new presentations)

Nitrogen Conference 2016, Idaho Site

Nitrogen Conference 2015 (August 3-5, Auburn, AL)

Nitrogen Conference 2014 (August 4-6, Sioux Falls, SD)

Nitrogen Conference 2013 (August 5-7, Johnston, IA)

Nitrogen Conference 2012 (August 6-8, Fargo, ND)

Nitrogen Conference 2010 (August 2-4, Stillwater, OK)

Nitrogen Conference 2009 (August 4 - August 6,
West Lafayette, Indiana)

Nitrogen Conference 2008 (July 31 - August 1, Manhattan, KS)

Nitrogen Conference 2007 (August 6-8, Monmouth, IL)

Nitrogen Conference 2006 (August 7-9, Waseca, MN)

Nitrogen Conference 2005 (August 10-12, Columbia, MO)

Nitrogen Conference 2004 (Lincoln, NE)

Nitrogen Conference 2003 (Stillwater, OK) 

January 17-19, 2002, Lincoln, NE (USDA-ARS, OSU, CIMMYT, Virginia Tech)

Emerson Nafziger, 2019, NUE Meeting
June 10-12, 2002, Shelton, NE (USDA-ARS, OSU)
July 19-20, 2001, Stillwater, OK  “2X Strip” (USDA-ARS, OSU)
March 1, 1999, Stillwater, OK, Schepers Lecture
June 6-7, 1998, Lincoln, NE (USDA-ARS, OSU, CIMMYT)
November 21-22, 1996, Lincoln, NE (USDA-ARS, OSU, CIMMYT)
NUE Conference, 2016 Idaho  NUE Conference, 2016 Idaho
NUE Conference Attendees, August 9, 2016

This group began meeting together in 1996 (Nebraska-Oklahoma).  This was expanded to include Virginia Tech and CIMMYT-Mexico in 1998.  By 2003, this group included most mid-west Universities in the corn belt, and has since met every year at different institutions.  Participants have included individuals from Canada, Argentina, Mexico, Australia, Germany, and Brazil.  In 2010 the group will again meet in Stillwater, OK.  Originally designed as a “workshop,” discussions and presentations were built around sensor based methodologies that could increase nitrogen use efficiency in cereal production systems.  Both engineering and agronomic problems continue to be addressed by this group that hopes to deliver “by-plant” N management.    

CSU-OSU Sensor Based N Workshop (April 9-10, 2013), Stillwater, Oklahoma
CIAT-CIMMYT, Sensor Based N Management (February 4-8, 2013), Cali, Colombia
CIMMYT visit, Ciudad Obregon, Mexico, January, 2013
CIMMYT visit, Ciudad Obregon, Mexico, January, 2010
California Conference, San Francisco, September, 2009
Precision Sensing Extension Workshop, Kenya February 2-3, 2009
Sensors for Crop Management, In Service Training, January 17, 2008
Sensor Workshop, Ethiopia (June, 2008)
Sensor Workshop, Zimbabwe (January 8, 2008)
In Service Training for Oklahoma county educators, Jan 18-19, 2007, Stillwater, OK
Sensor Workshop, Ciudad Obregon, Mexico (January 2007)
Sensor Workshop, Urgench, Uzbekistan (August 2006)
Sensor Workshop, Stockport, Southern Australia (August 2006)
Sensor-Based N Fertilization Training Workshops 2005-2006

Precision Sensing Extension Workshop (CCA) 2005

Precision Sensing Extension Workshop 2006 January 19-20, 2006
   Includes the NEW Load Up Files for the IPAQ for ALL Crops