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>117 OSU Graduate Students Have Now Worked with CIMMYT in Mexico, Turkey, China, Argentina, India, Russia, and Uzbekistan

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SOIL 5112 (Student Abstract)
Our present world population of 7.4 billion people depends on the availability and use of nitrogen (N).  Nitrogen fertilizer is widely used in global cereal production, with the three main cereals being maize, rice, and wheat. Nitrogen Use Efficiency (NUE) is 33% for cereal production in the world, meaning 67% is lost to the environment or sequestered in organic fractions. Present challenges are centered on improving global NUE through the utilization of mid-season sensor based-N management strategies. This emerging field encumbers estimates of final grain yield utilizing estimated mid-season biomass, projected growth rates for the growing-environment and season in question, which ultimately leads to tailored fertilizer N rates.  This approach delivers overnight increases in NUE through customized fertilization rates for each unique set of growing conditions.   The objective of my thesis study is to determine the optimum preplant fertilizer nitrogen (N) rate for maize (Zea mays L.) and sorghum (Sorghum bicolor) in a dryland production environment. Delayed or reduced applications of N are ideal so long as final grain yield is not sacrificed. This approach has the potential to increase NUE and provide a positive economic return to producers. 
Comprehensive information on Nitrogen Use Efficiency for cereal crop production Projects Published from Class (SOIL 5813 and SOIL 5112)
Example Tables, and Figures
Example Table 222, 502
       SULU Table
 Experiment 222, Stillwater, OK  Analysis of variance and contrasts  Table example, Professor Olson Table Example, NDVI  Bermudagrass Research soil test values   Rainfall and Temperature  nh4_accumulation    Table_with_contrasts  Graph of Emergence and N with seed
Example Abstracts

Mullen Abstract  Woolfolk abstract Raun abstract Improving nitrogen use efficiency for cereal production Olson, soil testing, nebraska Olson, 1986 Bermudagrass   Abstract Independence of YP0 and RI

World Nitrogen Use Efficiency for Cereal Production is 33%

Agronomy Journal, 91:357-363


Our NUE paper (1999) is close to receiving 2000 citations.  It is now 5th all-time concerning citations for the entire history of Agronomy Journal (1908 to present).  This started with a simple question, that it turns out was important and for which others were interested in the answer as well.  This question led to other questions (PUE, KUE, SUE) that have since been addressed as well.   

If you have a question that needs to be answered, the time to start is now.  It may take years to answer, but years are what you have on your side.  I remember being discouraged from completing the AJ 1999-NUE paper, but where time has shown that it was of value to our research society.  Certain groups have absolutely no idea how valuable this work is, and do not care.  Nonetheless, what we have to do as researchers is to stay true to our responsibility to ask those viable and salient questions.  This paper opened the door for other really good questions that are now cited as well (PUE, KUE, SUE).  I encourage you to work with your fellow students to ask these types of questions as well and to pursue them with the energy each deserves.  

Furthermore, this past week, my total citations eclipsed 14,000.  Does anybody really care what this number is?  The answer is no, anyway not in our current structure.  However, it is a value that time will always hold on to, and that the H-index will record until it too is replaced by a more robust metric that represents productivity in science.    

This is just another reminder to ask good questions.  Yesterday I mentioned the abstract for the environment paper.  This is now included.  Having a mathematical value that could holistically communicate environment is the objective.  With Jagman on the cusp of leaving OSU, I challenge him and our other senior PhD students to think this through.  Yield is an expression of that environment.  The question needs to be turned on its head whereby my enviro-metric describes ranges.   

If you wait to write, that model does not work.   Write it down, whatever it is that you believe is relevant at the time.  Complete the review of literature before you have any data.  A random compilation of ideas can be sorted out later.  There does have to be an objective, but that too can take shape as you move your idea forward.   The experimental method that you are accustomed to is a bit different as it has to follow a formal  path.  However, idea papers like this have no structured rules that have to be followed.   

Write, and write often.
Student Resume Examples

Jagmandeep Dhillon, 2019
Ethan Driver, MS, 2016
Gwen Weymeyer, MS, 2017
Mariana Ramos Del Corso, MS, 2016
Jeremiah Mullock, PhD, 2014
Ethan Wyatt, MS, 2013
Guilherme Torres, PhD, 2010
Katy Butchee, MS, 2010
Jake Vossenkemper, MS, 2009

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Materials and Methods (text for no-till and conventional till)

Results and Discusion

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List of Figures

   Example, MS Proposal, Natasha Macnack

   Example, MS Proposal, Jagmandeep Dhillon

   Example, PhD Proposal, Guilherme Torres

   Example, PhD Proposal, Jeremiah Mullock

    Example, PhD Proposal, Eric Miller

   Example Thesis, Katy Butchee

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Calculations for pounds of P2O5 and K20/acre = kg P and K per hectare

lb P2O5 / ac   * 0.4928  = kg P/ha

lb K2O /ac  * 0.93 = kg K/ha

1 acre = 0.405 ha

1 ha = 2.47 ac

P2O5 * 0.44 = P

K2O * 0.83 = K

lb/ac * 1.12 = kg/ha


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Lamb et al. (1985)      Lamb 1990
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SOIL:  1.0%Organic C = 10 g/kg
Grain:  2%N = 20g/kg
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Since 1991, 85 students have received M.S. or Ph.D degrees in Soil Science at Oklahoma State University working primarily in Precision Agriculture.  These students have gone on to excel in University, Private, and Public settings, and their teamwork at OSU has led to the development of GreenSeeker sensors that are now commercially sold via NTech Industries (  The key to the success achieved at OSU can be attributed to the unselfish commitment from each of our students to the development of applied technologies that can be used in both the developed and developing world.  Our students are the central shining fabric of what we are all about. 

Graduate students in our program are required to travel, with the majority of travel tied directly to the extension of improved sensor based nutrient management strategies.  To date, 82 of our students have traveled and worked abroad on a short term (2 week) and long term (1 semester) basis.  Countries where they have worked include Mexico, Argentina, Zimbabwe, China, India, Uzbekistan, Australia, Canada, and the Philippines. We welcome you to apply to our graduate program which has averaged 10 students per year, working as team members within one of the most productive and dynamic precision agriculture projects in the world.    

Plan of study
Masters Degree: A Plan of Study must be approved by the student's advisory committee and filed with the Graduate College prior to the completion of the second semester (excluding summer sessions) of the degree program.
PhD Degree: A Plan of Study must be approved by the advisory committee and submitted to the Graduate College prior to the completion of the third semester in the doctoral program (See Important web links below)
Research Proposal
Masters Degree: A written research proposal must be submitted to the advisory committee prior to the end of the second semester of the student’s program.
PhD Degree: The written research proposal must be submitted to the advisory committee prior to the end of the third semester of the student’s program.


First Last   Start Date Degree Proposal Plan of Study 1st Committee Days to 1st Me. Days in queue Oral Exam Defense Days to Degree
Starr  Holtz USA 1/3/2006 M.S. x x 7/3/2006 180 687 na 11/30/2007 687
Clint Dotson USA 6/1/2006 M.S. x x 10/3/2006 122 539 na 11/30/2007 539
Brian Arnall USA 1/3/2005 Ph.D x x 3/4/2007 781 1186 7/1/2007 19-Apr-08 1186
Pam  Turner USA 6/1/2006 M.S. x x 7/20/2007 409 669   10-Apr-08 669
Cody  Daft USA 1/3/2007 M.S. x x 11/15/2007 312 609   12-Sep-08 609
Brandon England USA 1/3/2007 M.S. x x 11/15/2007 312 609   12-Sep-08 609
Olga Walsh Russia 1/3/2007 Ph.D x x 2/27/2008 414 905 7-Jan-09 8-Jul-09 905
Birehane Desta Ethiopia 8/1/2007 M.S. x x 20-May-08 289 702 1/15/2009 13-Jul-09 702
Yumiko Kanke Japan 5/5/2008 M.S. x x 31-Mar-09 325 546   11-Nov-09 546
Jacob Vossenkemper USA 1-Jun-08 M.S. x x 23-Jul-09 412 560   21-Dec-09 560
Guilherme  Torres Brazil 8/18/2008 M.S. x x 13-Mar-10 565 802   11/10/2010 802
Jonathan Kelly USA 5/1/2009 M.S. x x 18-Oct-10 527 693   4-Apr-11 693
Waldschmidt Kevin  USA 04-01-10 M.S. x x 9-Apr-11 455 551   15-Jul-11 551
Emily  Rutto Kenya 1-Jun-08 Ph.D x x 2/3/2010 602 1258 2/3/2011 29-Nov-11 1258
Yesuf Mohammed Ethiopia 1/1/2009 Ph.D. x x 40240 422 1167   3/28/2012 1167
Natasha Macnack Suriname 7/20/2010 M.S. x x 40632 250 595   15-Mar-12 595
Jared Crain USA 5/1/2010 M.S. x x 40828 521 689   3/30/2012 689
Bee Chim Malaysia 1/4/2010 M.S. x x 8/5/2011 571 823   4/17/2012 823
Mullock Jeremiah  USA 1/4/2010 M.S. x x 26-Oct-11 652 860   5/24/2012 860
Guilherme  Torres Brazil 1-Aug-10 Ph.D x x 2/14/2012 553 849 5/24/2012 10-Dec-12 849
Sulochana Dhital Nepal 6/1/2011 M.S. x x 3/13/2012 282 760   11-Jul-13 760
Ethan Wyatt USA 5/15/2012 M.S. x x 27-Sep-12 132 451   16-Aug-13 451
Peter Omara Uganda 6/1/2012 M.S. x x 11-Feb-13 250 507   28-Oct-13 507
Jacob Bushong USA 11/30/2011 Ph.D. x x 10/15/2012 315 2075 24-May-13 14-Apr-14 854
Jeremiah Mullock USA 5/24/2012 PhD x x 6/9/2014 735 1901   10-Nov-14 886
Natasha Macnack Suriname 2/15/2012 Ph.D. x x 2/13/2013 358 2000 21-Feb-14 30-Oct-14 975
Eric Miller USA 6/1/2012 Ph.D. x x 2/25/2014 624 1894 9-Apr-14 27-Oct-14 866
Lawrence Aula Uganda 26-Jul-13 M.S. x x 11/20/2013 114 1479 12-Nov-14 11/12/2014 466
Jagmandeep Dhillon India 1-Jun-14 M.S. x x 12/17/2014 196 1174   21-Mar-16 650
Ethan Driver USA 42125 M.S. x x 42391 261 844   6-Jul-16 425
Bruno Figueiredo Brazil 21-May-13 M.S.   x   365 1544   9/15/2016 1194
Ryan Schlobohm USA 10-Jun-15 M.S. x x 1/4/2016 204 805   10/18/2016 488
Daniel Aliddeki Uganda 26-Jan-15 M.S.   x 4/1/2016 425 939   11/16/2016 650
Melissa Golden USA 10-May-15 M.S. x x 3/4/2016 294 835   11/17/2016 547
Nicole Remondet USA 7-Jan-15 M.S. x x 3/4/2016 417 958   11/17/2016 670
Mariana Ramos Del Corso Brazil 1-Aug-14 M.S.  x x 2/1/2016 540 1114   11/18/2016 827
Sulochana Dhital Nepal 7/1/2013 Ph.D. x x     1504 28-Jul-16 22-Nov-16 1221
Gwen Wehmeyer USA 1-Jan-16 M.S.   x 17-Aug-16 226 604   21-Apr-17 470
MS Avg. 305 819
Min 114 451
First Last Country Start Date Degree Plan/Study 1st Committee Days, 1st Me. Days  Oral Exam Defense Days to Degree  
Bruno Figueiredo Brazil 1-Aug-16 Ph.D.       394        
Jagmandeep Dhillon India 1-Jun-16 Ph.D. x 7/25/2017 414 454        
Eva Nambi Uganda 1-Jan-16 M.S. x 26-Jan-17 385 604        
Gwen Wehmeyer USA 1-May-17 Ph.D.       124        
Fikayo Oyebiyi Nigeria 15-May-16 M.S. x 1-May-17 346 470        
Alimamy Fornah Sierra Leone 20-Dec-16 Ph.D. x 31-Aug-17   255        
Robert Lemings USA 2-Jan-17 M.S. x     243        
Elizabeth Eickhoff USA 20-May-17 M.S.   29-Aug-17   -86        
Peter Omara Uganda 14-Aug-17 Ph.D. x     105        
Tyler  Lynch USA 1-Dec-17 M.S.       21        

  Graduated Students (1992-2016) Where are they Now? Country/State
1 Ascencio, Edgar Noel. 1992. M.S. CARE, San Salvador, El Salvador El Salvador
2 Attefat, Mehdi. 1992. M.S. Iraq, Iraq
3 Sembiring, Hasil. 1993. M.S. Indonesia, National Program Indonesia
4 Jojola, Michael E. 1994. M.S. New Mexico
5 Morales, Sonia. 1994.  M.S. El Salvador
6 Kanampiu, Fred Kaburu. 1995. Ph.D. CIMMYT, Kenya Kenya
7 Ascencio, Edgar Noel. 1995. Ph.D. CARE, San Salvador, El Salvador El Salvador
8 Gavi-Reyes, Francisco. 1995. Ph.D. Univ. Post Graduados, Chapingo Mexico
9 Ball, Jeff B. 1995. M.S. Bayer Crop Science Oklahoma
10 Phillips, Steven B. 1995. M.S. Staff, IPNI Oklahoma
11 Taylor, S.L. 1996. M.S. USDA-ARS Oklahoma
12 Chen, J. 1997, M.S. Ford Motor Co. China
13 Keahey, D.A., 1997, M.S. Private Enterprise Oklahoma
14 Lees, H.L., 1997, M.S. Ohio
15 Sembiring, H. 1997, Ph.D. Indonesia, National Program Indonesia
16 Thomason, W.E. 1998, M.S. Faculty, Virginia Tech Oklahoma
17 Lukina, E.V. 1998, M.S. Lab Assistant Uzbekistan
18 LaRuffa, Joanne M. 1999, M.S.   Virginia
19 Phillips, S.B. 1999, Ph.D.  Staff, IPNI Oklahoma
20 DeLeon, Micah, 1999, M.S. Graduate Student Argentina
21 Dennis, Jeremy, 1999, M.S.  NRCS Oklahoma
22 Woolfolk, Curt, 1999, M.S. Mosaic, MN Oklahoma
23 Cossey, Doug, 1999, M.S. Servi-Tech, Dodge City, KS Oklahoma
24 Mullen, R.W. 2001, M.S. Head, Agronomy, Potash Corp. Oklahoma
25 Wynn, K. 2001, M.S. SCS Oklahoma
26 Thomason, W.E. 2001, Ph.D. Faculty, Virginia Tech Oklahoma
27 Lukina.E.V. 2001, Ph.D. Lab Assistant Uzbekistan
28 Freeman, Kyle W. 2001, M.S. VP, Mosaic, MN Oklahoma
29 Teal, Roger, 2002, M.S. Laverne, OK Tennessee
30 Moges, Shambel, 2002, M.S. Accurate Environmental Labs Ethiopia
31 Mullen, Robert, 2002, Ph.D. Potash Corp.  Oklahoma
32 Micah Humphreys, 2003, M.S.  Faculty, Northwest College, Wyoming Oklahoma
33 Paul Hodgen, 2003, M.S.  Monsanto, Illinois Indiana
34 Jason Lawles, 2004, M.S.  Monsanto, OK Oklahoma
35 Jagadeesh Mosali, 2004, Ph.D.   Noble Foundation, Ardmore, OK India 
36 Keri, Brixey, 2004, M.S.  NRCS Kansas Oklahoma
37 Brian Arnall, 2004, M.S. Faculty, Oklahoma State University Oklahoma
38 Kefyalew Desta, 2004, Ph.D.  Faculty, Washington State Ethiopia
39 Roger Teal, 2005, Ph.D. Laverne, OK Tennessee
40 Kent Martin, 2005, M.S. Private/Kansas State University Oklahoma
41 Kyle Freeman, 2005, Ph.D. Mosaic, MN Oklahoma
42 Shambel Moges, 2005, Ph.D Accurate Labs Ethiopia
43 Clint Mack, 2006, M.S. Farmer/Consultant, OK Oklahoma
44 Kyle Lawles, 2006, M.S. Monsanto, Iowa Oklahoma
45 Olga Walsh, 2006, M.S. Faculty, Univ. of Idaho Russia, Lenningrad
46 Brenda Tubana, 2007, Ph.D. Faculty, Louisiana State University Phlippines
47 Byungkyun, Chung, 2007, Ph.D. Faculty, McNeese State University S. Korea
48 Clint Dotson, 2007, M.S. Monsanto, Kansas Oklahoma
49 Starr Holtz, 2007, M.S. Monsanto, Nebraska  Oklahoma
50 Brian Arnall, 2008, Ph.D. Faculty, Oklahoma State University Oklahoma
51 Pam Turner, 2008, M.S. Dept. Environmental Quality Oklahoma
52 Brandon England, 2008, M.S. OSDA Oklahoma
53 Cody Daft, 2008, M.S. Pioneer, Nebraska Oklahoma
54 Daniel Edmonds, 2008, M.S. Private Oklahoma
55 Birehane Desta, 2009, M.S. Univ. Minnesota Ethiopia
56 Olga Walsh, 2009, Ph.D. Faculty, Univ. of Idaho Russia, Lenningrad
57 Yumiko Kanke, 2009, M.S. Louisiana State University Japan
58 Jake Vossenkemper, 2009, M.S. Pioneer, Missouri Missouri
59 Guilherme Torres, 2010, M.S. Monsanto, Brazil Brazil
60 Jonathan Kelly, 2011, M.S.  Private, Kansas Oklahoma
61 Kevin Waldschmidt, 2011, M.S. Private Enterprise Kansas
62 Emily Rutto, PhD, 2011 Post Doc Kenya
63 Natasha Macnack, M.S., Ph.D 2014 Asst. Professor, Wisconsin Suriname
64 Yesuf Mohammed, PhD., 2012 Post Doc Montana
65 Jeremiah Mullock, M.S., 2012 Bayer Crop Science North Carolina
66 Bee Chim, M.S., 2012 PhD, Virginia Tech Malaysia
67 Jared Crain, M.S. 2012 PhD, Kansas State Oklahoma
68 Sulochana Dhital, M.S., 2014 PhD Student Nepal
69 Jake Bushong, PhD., 2014 Private Enterprise Oklahoma
70 Ethan Wyatt, M.S., 2013 Monsanto Oklahoma
71 Eric Miller, PhD., 2014 Pioneer, Indiana Indiana
72 Peter Omara, M.S., 2013 Uganda Uganda
73 Candi Candibyani, Lab Assistant Malaysia
74 Lawrence Aula, M.S., 2014 Uganda Uganda
75 Jeremiah Mullock, PhD, 2015 Bayer Crop Science North Carolina
76 Jagmandeep Dhillon, MS, 2016 PhD Student India
77 Bruno Figueiredo, M.S., 2016 PhD Student Brazil
78 Ethan Driver, M.S., 2016 MS Student California
79 Sulochana Dhital, PhD, 2016 Post Doc Nepal
80 Mariana Ramos del Corso PhD Student, Auburn Brazil
81 Ryan Schlobohm MS Student Oklahoma
82 Daniel Aliddeki MS Student Uganda
83 Melissa Golden Climate Corp/Monsanto St. Louis
84 Nicole Remondet Graduate Oklahoma
85 Gwen Wehmeyer PhD Student Missouri
86 Eva Nambi MS Student Uganda
87 Fikayo Oyebiyi MS Student Nigeria
88 Alimamy Fornah PHD Student Sierra Leone
89 Robert Lemings MS Student Oklahoma
90 Tyler Lynch MS Student Oklahoma
91 Elizabeth Eickhoff MS Student Missouri
92 Peter Omara PhD Student Uganda

More OSU Students (Jared Crain)

115 OSU Graduate Students Have Now Worked with CIMMYT in Mexico, Turkey, China, Argentina, and India

Olga Walsh and Kyle Lawles conduct infield training on the use of the GreenSeeker sensor in Texcoco, Mexico.

Clint Mack trains CIMMYT scientists on the use of the hand held GreenSeeker sensor in spring wheat, El Batan, Mexico.

Starr Holtz, Clint Dotson, and Brenda Tubana conduct field training near Ciudad Obregon, Mexico at the CIANO headquarters.

Farmer training in Ciudad Obregon, Mexico, conducted solely by OSU graduate students.

Brian Arnall, Clint Mack, Shambel Moges, Kent Martin, Brenda Tubana, and Olga Walsh at the ASA-CSSA-SSSA meetings in Indianapolis, IN.  All of our graduate students (MS and PhD) are required to present their research work at various annual meetings. 

OSU graduate students at the annual farm show in Tulsa, OK (Kefyalew Girma, Jagadeesh Mosali, Roger Teal, Brian Arnall, Jason Lawles, Kyle Freeman, Keri Brixey, and Kent Martin)

Clint Dotson, Luke Hanks, Pam Turner, and Starr Holtz enjoy lunch at Las Carnitas, Ciudad Obregon, Mexico.